Leaving the herd (fiction/art, 5 min)

A man breaks out of his group of friends to follow his own calling. His old friends will not accept this and bring him back home for punishment and subduing. The story takes place in a twisted Sámi universe in Northern Norway.

Original title: Ealli guođđá joavkkus

Produced in 2013.

Outcast in the mirror (fiction, 5 min)

5 people are born with asymmetrical faces and have large deviations from what is considered to be normal and beautiful. When these people leave their homes they hide their faces behind masks, but one woman wants to make a change.

Produced in 2011.

Portraits from Varangerfjord (doc, 13 min)

Charming and funny charcters in a short feelgood documentary filmed in Nesseby, Finnmark, in Northern Norway. The film portraits several people with a strong connection to nature, old Sami traditions and the small community they live in.

Original title: Várjjatvuotnalaččat

Produced in 2013.

The Ice Pond (doc, 6 min)

Long before the oil made Norwegians a wealthy people, Norway had the biggest production of ice in the world. One family was able to make a living of this industry for a long time after most of this industry had died. This poetic documentary tells the story about how the ice industry was a very important part of the of this family.

Original title: Isdammen

Produced in 2011.